I won an Eisner.

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Congratulations, Faith!

Go get the adventures of super-hero girl. You have to.


For Thomas Edison's birthday, his wildly ambitious to-do list, ranging from cotton-picker to hand-turning phonograph to ink for the blind. See all pages here. 

The 10 Greatest Batman Stories By Uncredited Creator Bill Finger
By Chris Sims
This Saturday, February 8, marks the 100th birthday of Bill Finger, one of the true unsung heroes of comic books. In the decades of his comic book career, Finger was one of the most prominent writers of the Golden and Silver Ages, contributing to characters like Superman and Green Lantern, but it’s his role as the co-creator of Batman where he made his biggest impact as the man directly responsible for Batman’s costume and origin, as well as co-creating characters like Robin, the Joker and Catwoman  — and he did it without ever receiving credit on the printed page.
So to honor the occasion, we’d suggest that you take a little time this weekend to sit down and read through some of Finger’s stories to see just how much he shaped one of the greatest characters of all time. And to help with that, I’ve rounded up ten of my favorites from his work on the Dark Knight. These are Bill Finger’s Best Batman Stories.

Been seeing my latest Bun Toon reblogged without any linkage back to my site…so there have been comments from people who think the point of the Toon was to make fun of Bob Kane. It’s not**—it’s to give credit to Bill Finger for his work creating Batman. AND it’s to see if we can get a Google Doodle for Bill in honour of the 100th anniversary of his birth this coming February 8th…a small gesture, but still something.
Click through to read and get the info on the effort Marc Tyler Nobleman (writer and researcher of Bill The Boy Wonder:  The Secret Co-Creator of Batman) is making to get Bill Finger a Google Doodle: 
Giving Comics The Finger Bun Toons! YAY!
(**Okay, I’m lying—I’m making some fun of Bob Kane)

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Can we have it? Please disney?

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Or a cool video game ala arkham city

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"People think of education as something they can finish."


Isaac Asimov

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Ha! Dawkins looks like a kid who just snuck a cookie before dinner.

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Simply one of the most amazing comics I’ve ever seen.

effing amazing storytelling

Just wow.


Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only make.
–John Cage, rules for students and teachers. 

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